this will basically get you started – the design is only for the 1st year, then about $125/year for the site.

Design & build {1 time charge} – $250 for small business or personal to $1000+ for medium business sites
Domain name registered {/site/year} – $25/domain name/year
Hosting/minor system maintenance {/site/year} – $100/site/year

SEO {Search Engine Optimization}

advanced search and site modifications as the world changes to keep youir site upto the current search parameters

– multi level research/tasking that rates and improves the position of you site in the web.
– standard rating starts as low as $10/site/month to $500/site/month.

ADA certification {American Disabilities Association}

a new requirement,initial site will meet current requirement – annual updates not a requirement as of yet

– new requirement,basics included in the minor yearly maintenance to $100/year, if required.