How much will a Website Cost?


Just as sites vary in size, style, complexity, so do Web Sites Costs.

A Web Site consists of 3 major parts.
A 'Domain Name', how you find it on the Web.
A 'Hosting Site', where site is located so that it can be found.
And the 'Design & Maintenance' of the site itself.

Domain Name registration, Hosting and Maintenance are annual recurring costs.
Design is a one time, initial cost and is based on time and effort to build the site.
For most sites, this will be in the $750 to $1500 range. As an example, this site would be in the $750 range.
Domain Name registration is $25/registered name/year, all pointing to the same Site.
Hosting for most sites is $100/year.

Maintenance cost is based of required annual updates. Minor changes during the year, phone number, hours, etc. are no cost.

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