Why should copraya web build my Web Site?


There are basically 2 ways to present your business as a Website on the World Wide Web.
You can either "Do it yourself" or "Pay someone else".

Do it yourself:
There are many "DYI" website builder kits out there, some better than others. You still need the time to find your template, add your pictures, and hope the text, colors and pictures sizes all fit with your desired site. Your "DYI" site is only as professional as your ability. Even with DYI site, you still have the costs for hosting, domain registration and maintenance.

Pay Someone:
Here you can have someone build your site, and if you like it - there is a monthly fee - or pay nothing.  There are site builders that charge by the page and are expensive to make changes.  At Copraya Web, I quote you a one time design/build price up front, and let you know what the annual hosting, domain name registration, maintenance charges will be. I have no overhead or staff and therefor can keep your costs low.

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